Discover below some of our services geared towards the company, its performance, its development projects.

Actionable in Switzerland and abroad.

Share your project or challenges with us and let us see how we can help you with constructive solutions.

Thanks to the strength of our rich network of competences we are able to respond to a very broad range of requests by organizing a project team that brings together the strengths of several associated partners. With this we can support projects across an entire company, a team or an individual


Implementing new HR processes or tools requires the commitment of additional resources if you want your projects to be implemented quickly and efficiently.

Your HR teams are already in high demand? Your project takes place in a foreign environement you are not familiar with? The provision of temporary external resources enables a flexible and efficient management of your projects.

 It also gives an external perspective to your organization. Get involved as early as possible so you can benefit from our experience as soon as possible


When a restructuring (with redundancies) is envisaged it is important to prepare it as early as possible, to manage the communication proactively, to take the necessary measures preserving the performance during this difficult period and to take care of your employer’s responsibility and image sometimes dangerously neglected. Employees who lose their jobs are not the only ones to be strongly affected. It is about taking appropriate support measures for everyone to avoid negative impacts on the results, image and dynamics of the company.



As part of your responsibilities as an entrepreneur, senior manager or management team, you are regularly faced with situations that are complex or difficult to handle. In such circumstances an exchange, a discussion,  sharing your concerns with someone external to your environment and experienced in business management can help you validate the right solutions, to confront your ideas to another point of view confidentially, to think about other approaches.


Whether small or large, whether at home or internationally, any company must manage Human Resources in a professional manner, not only in terms of contracts and payroll but also, and particularly, in terms of talent management, employee motivation, skills development. The HR function ought to add value to the business and know exactly what each team requires. The training and support of each executive in his role of managing the women and men he or she leads is essential.

You do not have the resources to hire a full-time HR manager, we have the flexibility to take on this part-time responsibility. Let’s discuss your needs and how best to integrate this solution into your operation.



How to best anticipate the changing needs of your business ? What skills for tomorrow ? Which structures ? Local, international ?  Which processes ? What tools to put in place to manage your HR ? Contact us to identify the performance improvement potential of an HR strategy aligned with your business objectives.


You open an overseas office? Do you want to audit one of your subsidiaries? Do you need an experienced manager to ensure a transition, a temporary replacement? Looking for new markets in Africa? You do not have experienced, competent or simply available staff for these missions?

For a mission in Switzerland or abroad, contact us.



Our experience in marketing, sales and business management in Switzerland and abroad allows us to support local, national or international business development projects.

We help you in your search of new markets, new products offers, identification of distribution channels, setting up of innovative services, prospection for strategic partners


Have you decided to start your own business? Do you face many unknowns? We offer you a tailor-made approach, according to your specific needs, covering the organizational, financial, commercial and legal aspects, to allow you to set up your business in confidence.